Terms and conditions of use


The exact Description and quality of the service to be sold ('the Service') shall be as set out in the description provided by the Seller to the Buyer at or before the point of  Services and Products order. The primary role is the sourcing of regarding on our service and product.


The price for the service and product ('the Price') shall be the quoted price of the Seller, and payment of the Price shall be made by the Buyer before delivery of the Services and Products. The sourcing and supplying an service and product (s) begins at the point where payment has been received from a customer and confirmed by the 3rd party payment mechanism.


The We are Seller delivery all the Services and Products to the Buyer by the e-mail / sms address of the Buyer as shown on the Buyer's submission. Delivery times quoted do not include weekends and time shall not be of the essence for delivery.


The Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the service once payment is accepted. The Buyer shall not be entitled to reject the service in whole or in part. Due to the nature of the unlocking service and its suppliers an order cannot be cancelled once submitted.


By using the service the Buyer is agreeing to these terms and conditions in full.


  • 6.1. The service shall be at the risk of the Buyer following delivery.
  • 6.2. Not with standing delivery, title in the Service shall not pass to the Buyer until the Buyer has made payment in full of all sums owing to the Seller.
  • 6.3. Until such time as title in the service passes to the Buyer, the seller shall have the right to withhold the service.


  • 7.1. The seller shall not be liable to the Buyer in respect of any loss suffered by the Buyer due to any defect in the service.
  • 7.2. Without prejudice to Condition 7.1 the seller shall not be liable to the Buyer or any third party for any loss of profit, consequential or other economic loss suffered by the Buyer arising in any way from this Agreement.


  • 8.1. If any term or provision of these Conditions is held invalid illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any Court of competent jurisdiction such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the provisions hereof shall continue in full force and effect as if these conditions had been agreed with the invalid illegal or unenforceable provision eliminated.
  • 8.2. The seller may without the consent of the Buyer sublicense its rights or obligations or any part of these Conditions.
  • 8.3. The headings in these conditions are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of any of the conditions.


Each of the parties agrees that save in respect of statements made fraudulently it shall have no remedy in respect of any untrue statement upon which it relied in entering this agreement and that its only remedies shall be for breach of contract.


This agreement shall be governed by the laws of general and the parties hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of general. You must check your countries local laws.

We would like to assure all of our website visitors that we would never provide an illegal Services and Products. Before starting using our Services and Products, extensive research was carried out into the current international laws regarding on Services and Products


ONLINE BASE, can only guarantee that the service will fulfil the customers expectations if the following criteria are met in full:

  • 11.(a). The information provided on the submission form when ordering the service is 100% correct.
  • 11.(b). The instructions provided with the service have been followed EXACTLY as stipulated.
  • 11.(c).  The Buyer must ensure they have read, understood before to  ordering Services and Products. The point at which you enter the code must be seen before ordering.
  • 11.(d) ONLINE BASE, Guaranteed you that since you ordering the  Services and Products will we take extra time and works on things out and make sure all the buyer or customer certifying behave on their needed


ONLINE BASE; Almost ready to solve any problem any customer may have while attempting to use the Services and Products, However liability for the success of the service lies solely with the buyer. ONLINE BASE will only consider a refund if all of it's terms and conditions have been met. If a refund is considered, It will only be given after receiving a detailed account of the procedure followed and any error messages displayed on the target device. ONLINE BASE must be satisfied that the code is wrong or has failed to work.

  • 12. (a) The instant services can not be canceled as these are requested operator or manufacturer automatically. if an Services and Products via an instant in time service is not only refund the difference in standard between Services and Products and instant. if you want to cancel there is a surcharge of 50% of the amount. Once this time is up, you may request a refund of the total amount
  • 12. (b) The server runs on a system of credits which once purchased must be worn (this applies only to professional clients and not to the end customer) the credits are not refundable. ie if you do not want to continue to work with ONLINE BASE should spend the credits into account. In the rare event that you receive incorrect code, we will review it. If after verification still having problems, we'll ask you to send us the following details to be repaid the amount of the purchase, the refund shall be effected within 48 working hours from the time we notify acceptance. Cancellations must be made by calling our customer service number and explain the situation
  • 12 (c) We do not offer a refund if you entered data incorrectly information, if the Services and Products give you the error you should contact us as soon as possible and not keep trying or contact anyone else as we are not responsible for exhausting attempts


It is the the buyers responsibility to check the compatibility of their needed with the network they intend to use the Services and Products in the wrong ways without follow instruction according to, Or if submitted information regarding the target Services and Products is found to be incorrect nothing can be done to change this. Refunds for incorrect information cannot be given.


All Services and Products on this website are solely and whole owned by ONLINE BASE. All third party brand and logo images are the registered trademarks of their respected owners. ONLINE BASE is not affiliated in any way the our Services and Products.


Nothing in these Conditions shall affect the statutory rights of a consumer.


With above terms and condition if there is something you find out difficult to understand just feel free to contact us and for you to have a better explanation and understand more which is regarding on our Services and Products


We have right to update our terms of service at any time we want if only needed to update and considered to be aware and respect our above terms and condition.