Privacy Policy

1.1. For rendering services for and interacting with the User, ONLINE BASE accepts the User’s personal data to be stored encrypted and treated as confidential information, without sharing with a third party, of this Agreement, in strict compliance to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, 216/679/EU).

1.2. All the transactions and personal data transfers between the Service and the User are secured.

1.3. The Service reserves the right to search and collect additional information about the User, if necessary, without notice. All this information should remain confidential, shall not be transferred to a third party

2.4. Provided the confidential status of the data is maintained, the Service has the right to share User’s personal data and details on the performed operations with:

2.4.1. Law-enforcement agencies upon an official written request or upon a court decision;

2.4.2. Law-enforcement agencies on its own initiative in case there is a reasonable suspicion that the User is involved in activities related to laundering proceeds of criminal behavior, financing of terrorist organizations, and other fraudulent or illegal activities;

2.4.3. The electronic payment system upon an official request from the latter for them to execute the payment order related to the Service And Product Order, as well as to conduct internal investigations;

2.4.4. The User upon receiving the respective requestpartners of the Service (without the right to store and independently use the data) for them to send emails to the User.

3. In accordance with the anti-money laundering legislation, all the data concerning the User, as well as the details of their transactions, is to be stored in the database of the Service during 10 years from the moment the last Order was submitted by the User.

4. Usage of Cookies:

4.1. To ensure its website works properly, the Service and/or third parties involved by the Service to collect anonymisation statistical data, may place small data files on the User's computer, also known as “cookies”. Such files are used to

4.1.1. Facilitate the User's interactions with the website;

4.1.2. Record the results of the User's participation in our partner program, if any

4.1.3. Collect anonymisation data regarding the User's behavior on the Service's website.

5. The service encrypts its cookies so that only the Service can interpret the data contained therein.

6. The User may opt out of installing the Service's cookies by adjusting his browser settings accordingly.